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The Food Trail: Odiya Cuisine

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The Odiya’s are truly identified with rice & fish and the “Mahaprasad” of Puri. We come from the land of Jaganath Dham and are proud of ourselves – as we like our food, laid back life with festivity linked to our tradition and culture.


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Of late we have seen quite a number of bakeries have sprung in the city and they are tapping the gullible citizens through the wellness platform. The wellness industry is a huge one more so as people are getting more health conscious and they want to live young.

The “Carambola” or ‘Star Fruit’ or ‘Karamonga’

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The ‘Karamonga’ is very popular in the state and we see it in the daily market of the city. Most of the times we see it in heaps on the roadside vendors especially near the exhibition ground and near unit IV market.