The “Carambola” or ‘Star Fruit’ or ‘Karamonga’

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'Carambola' or ‘Star Fruit’ or ‘Karamonga’

The ‘Karamonga’ is very popular in the state and we see it in the daily market of the city. Most of the times we see it in heaps on the roadside vendors especially near the exhibition ground and near unit IV market.


This fancy fruit caught my eyes and thus though to share the benefits of the fruit. This fruit is yellowish green in colour and has a sour & sweet taste. It has mix taste grapes, jamun and lemon. This fruit is rich in vitamin A, B & C and minerals – iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium and calcium. It gives only 31 calories of every 100 grams of fruit consumed.


The fruit contributes fabulously to your eyesight due to the presence of Vitamin A. If you are having sleepless night then the potassium present in the fruit will provide you a peaceful sleep. The presence of flavonoids helps in preventing psoriasis. The fibers present in the fruit help in increasing the good cholesterol level.


The fetus development, which is important in the first month, the fruit helps in the supplementation of Vitamin B9 otherwise known as folic acid. The fruit helps in formation of breast milk.


As is known that India is the capital of diabetes, this fruit helps in controlling diabetes, this fruit hardly has sugar and rich fiber content prevents fast glucose absorption.


The presence of potassium help in regulating hypertension, as this mineral plays a major role in regulating blood pressure. The presence of fiber in the fruit helps in preventing constipation. Suggestions; if you have eaten heavy oily food then have this fruit after the meal.


The presence of rich vitamin C helps in strengthening the immune system and help in fighting the antimicrobial system – infections like E.coli, Salmonella.


But this fruit has to be avoided by those who have kidney ailments – as this fruit has oxalic acid when consumed by these patients it might make them nauseatic.