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Of late we have seen quite a number of bakeries have sprung in the city and they are tapping the gullible citizens through the wellness platform. The wellness industry is a huge one more so as people are getting more health conscious and they want to live young.

As most of them are into sedentary thus obese has crept into our health and every family now has a history of Diabetes and heart deceases. Thus in-between comes in the food supplementary or the dietics food industry. Today everyone needs shortcuts method or they want to be morally clear that they are having healthier food. One of them is the “Brown Bread’

Not a single loaves of brown bread sold in the shelves of the bakeries are: made from whole wheat flour.  It is a mix of refined flour, whole wheat flour, caramel colour; these are then processed, fermented and baked. We are carried away by the label and have them thinking that this is best for health.

Little do we realise that once they are processed & fermented whatever little nutrients are their gets lost through this process. But where in the flat breads (chapattis or rotis) are the best substitutes for these breads. The worst is the bread improver and gluten which we use for bloating up the bread. The rotis are good source of fibres and are slow digestive carbohydrates, as they not hurriedly processed and fermented thus the nutrients stays intact.

The best part brown breads bought from the bakers do not get stale, but chapattis / rotis gets stale overnight. Choice is yours make the chapattis / rotis a regular dish in your daily intake.


Input: Prof. Satyanarayan Mohapatra

Image: Google Image.