Jaundice scare in Cuttack

Published on By prameya news7 (author)

Bhubaneswar: There is no let up in the jaundice situation in Cuttack city. Around 50 cases of jaundice were reported in Mathasahi under ward number 8 in Cuttack raising an alarm in city.

Meanwhile, the Public Health Department (PHD) visited the area and collected water samples for examination.

The rising number of jaundice patients in the locality has triggered panic and fear among people. Last year, the water borne disease surfaced in Jobra, Mehendipur and other areas in the city.

Though the Cuttack district administration and Cuttack Municipal Corporation (CMC) have been busy making tall claims that steps are being taken to contain the disease since last two years but the ground reality is different. People have alleged that they are not being provided safe drinking water contrary to the claims of the administration.

Last year, jaundice outbreak was reported from Jobra and over 150 people were affected by it. But it seems the administration has not learnt any lesson from its experience.

Meanwhile, sources said the PH Department has started a drive for identification of broken pipelines, which are root cause of jaundice outbreak in the city.