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On a sleazy Sunday afternoon with a stressful week gone by brings in mind a good lunch wrapped with a deep afternoon siesta. This exactly happened to me on the Sunday with the weekdays gone by. The only thought   which came up was something good to eat and that too a bit of home style. The chorus of heart and head was why not Bhata, Mansha Jhol and Salad, ooh it was too much but still the thought lingered in my mind. Decided to avoid the combi as cooking is a headache and more so you do not have a decent place to eat outside.

The fun began – SOCIAL MEDIA. The search gave quite some place where in we can get the “Phrase and Food” but one caught my eyes – “BHATA, MANSHA AND SALAD” and interestingly the mascot had two cute horns. Anyways whatever it meant did not matter but straight to the digging of the food was the gravitational pull. The outlet - situated in an offbeat place but not difficult to locate. The location is coming up as a hot conglomerate of food joints.

At the entrance we were welcomed by a young energetic gentleman one of the proprietor – Mr. Ankit Patnaik. Before we settled down my journalistic instinct prodded me to know more about this outlet aka “BHATA, MANSHA AND SALAD” – BMS in short. For Ankit this has been a start-up along with his academic friend Satyabrata Nanda and his wife. He resigned from his lucrative automobile marketing job and started this venture which has been his passion as a foodie and a dreamer. His concept is very clear good traditional food in a fine dining environment. The project took shape and was a born 18th January 2017 and then on it was never looking back for Ankit.

The forty three sitter restaurant has a good ambience but little overloaded with room sprayer killing the culinary aroma of the mutton. The Standard Operation Procedure is as per the blue book of his mother and the secrecy of the process was not divulged. BMS has platter for Mutton, Chicken, Dried Fish (Shukhua) and Vegetarian.

The platters are served with long grain rice but claiming traditional outlet they got to experiment with short grain and brown rice. As per the name of the outlet we concentrated on the mutton platter. The mutton was typically Berampuri cut (small pieces) with potatoes and generous amount of gravy. The mutton fibre strain showed that the goat would have been between 12 to 13 kg and it was confirmed by Ankit. The quality of the mutton was much way ahead than the other outlets because the gravy was saying it all with the smell of good cooked meat.

The ticket size is within Rs 250/- and for the budgeted ones they have started Rs. 99/-. For the next gen it is a mix of traditional and fusion – Mudhi Mangsa, Bhav & keema bhaji, non-veg dosa.

The trio are very aggressive thus move over bhainas and nanas here the new gen is giving you the right choice on the “BHATA, MANSHA AND SALAD”. Good Luck

By: Satyanarayan Mohapatra

Photo: Subranshu Mohapatra