Dilip Ray petitions PM against J’khand’s ‘arbitrary dams’ in Brahmani tributaries

Published on By prameya news7 (author)

Bhubaneswar: Strongly protesting the arbitrary construction of barrages and dams in upstream Shankh and South Koel rivers, two tributaries of Brahmani river, by Jharkhand Government, senior BJP leader and Rourkela MLA Dilip Ray has sought the intervention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to resolve the crisis.

In a letter to the PM, ray said drew the attention about the possible disaster to the agriculture, industry and environment of the Brahmani system due to the construction barrages and dams.

“River Brahmani deeply connected with the cultural and spiritual life of not only the people of Odlsha but also of the whole of India. Vedavyas, where Brahmani originates is said to be birth place of Sage Vyasa who composed Mahabharat. The two tributaries   of Brahmanl, Shankh    and Koel originate in the state of Jharkhand   and flow   southwards    to converge at Vedvyas near Rourkela to form Brahmani. Rourkela Steel Plant  constructed Mandira  dam over river Shankh to supply water  to the  steel  plant  and  the  people  of  nearby  areas. However, the water  level  of  Mandira dam  is receding due to the construction   of a barrage In Gumula district  by the Jharkhand Government in 2008,” Ray said.

He further said, “Now situation is going to worsen as the Jharkhand Government is constructing   a mega dam project for generation of 710 MW power on South Koel River and many other Irrigation projects. These will substantially   reduce water now in river  Brahmani.”

He urged the PM to hold a meeting of the Chief Ministers of Odisha and Jharkhand to resolve the issue.